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When Miley Cyrus is naked & licks a hammer it’s “art” and “music”.. but when I do it, I’m “wasted” and “have to leave Home Depot”

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Seriously, I don’t know if it’s just my luck, but nothing EVER fucking works out in the end for me. Literally nothing good ever stays and it pisses me the fuck off…

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22 Teachers Caught Being Awesome

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Urinal Separates the Men from the Boys

Stand tall, son. One day this will all be yours. 

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Suspicious Flashlight

“Where are the kids? Where are the kids!”

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TLDNR: What if the Apocalypse Really Does Come on 12/21/12 [Click for full article]

The Mayans long ago created a calendar that is set to expire on 12/21/12. Many across the world have interpreted this as a doomsday prophecy and are flocking to areas of supposed significance, awaiting the end of times. The chance that a pre-Columbian society with an admittedly advanced understanding of heavenly motion – though not nearly as advanced as ours now – could predict the expiration date of earth more than five hundred years in the future is, to put it kindly, remote. However, as with all analysis of likelihoods, there is of course a chance that the Mayans could be correct. And that would just suck, right?!

All this time we could have been having orgies, experimenting with lethal drugs and stealing military planes to go for joy rides, but, whoops, didn’t believe the Mayans! Instead of writing this stupid article I could be out eating a hundred lobsters, literally stuffing myself with lobster until my stomach walls ripped open, because, hey, why not? Or I could be stuffing you with lobsters. We could do it to each other with lobsters. At an orgy. On that military plane that flies in a parabolic arc so that the passengers achieve weightlessness. We could be doing that, but we didn’t believe the Mayans. [Keep Reading]

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